Workshop 1

Lux aeterna

Choirmaster: Tereza Válková

Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548–1611): Lux aeterna
Eriks Ešenvalds (* 1977): Lux aeterna
Giovanni Francesco Annerio (1569–1630): Lux aeterna
Maurice Duruflé (1902–1986): Lux aeterna (with a big organ!)
Jakub Kubín (* 1991): In Paradisum

"...and let eternal light shine upon them" full of hope, combining Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary.

Lux aeterna, an antiphon for communion, which is part of the requiem, a mass for the dead. While this might seem to be a somber to depressing theme, the opposite is true. The Lux aeterna is the most hopeful part of the entire funeral Mass. Its message is one of mercy, and it abounds with the deep feeling that has inspired composers for centuries to create compositions full of light and fragile beauty.

Workshop 2

Carpathian Songs - women's atelier

Choirmaster: Jurij Galatenko

Jaroslav Dostalík "Songs of St. John"
Jan Vičar "Konopa"
Jiří Pospišil "Dybych byla jahodú"
Ihor Šamo "Divyč-Večir"
Ukrainian folk "Plyne kacha po Tysyni" (Picardy Tertian)

Do you enjoy musical variations of the contemporary approach to folk motifs? Do you like (post)border situations? Do you like the variability of folk song, playful musical architecture? And in you like to play ?
Come and see that music has no boundaries in time or space....

All the musical motifs of the KARPATSKÉ ZPJEVANKY studio are set in the Carpathian region.

The intonations are broken by syncopations, mirroring the mountain peaks of the Carpathians and contrasting the picturesque melodies of the valleys below. We offer playful elements stretching across the mountains of Slovakia to Ukraine, colourful motifs from the Slovakian borderlands, or picturesque waves of melodies from the Moravian region.
Regional songs tell their stories set deep in the Slavic land. With their mystical language and depth of musical rendering, they recall ancient pagan customs. Their sung variations allow us to return to our roots and recall times long past, tied to our ancestors, and enable us to connect the past with the this not the mission of the musical arts?

Workshop 3

Love in a song

Choirmaster: Josef Surovík

Tereza Surovíková - Harmony of Love
Tereza Surovikova - Sing, Nightingale
Petr Koronthály - Mountains, Mountains - Part 1.
Javier Busto - Segastipean
Philip Stophord - Lully Lulla Lullay

For this studio I have chosen works by contemporary artists, two Czech and two foreign. We will rehearse together two pieces by Tereza Surovíková, Harmony of Love (on the text from Solomon's Song of Songs from the section The Mystery of Love) and an arrangement of the beautiful Slovak folk song Zazpívaj, slavíčku. The second Czech composer will be Petr Koronthály, from whose cycle Hory, hory (Mountains, Mountains) I have selected the eponymous Part 1. The foreign choral composer scene will be represented in our programme by Javier Busto and Philip Stopford. From the successful Basque composer Busto we are treated to the colourful mood piece Sagastipean, and from the British composer Stopford we have the lullaby Lully, Lulla, Lullay, based on a text about the murder of innocents.

Workshop 4

Czechoslovak folk songs and pop in their own brine

Choirmaster: Luboš Hána

will be added as soon as possible - see more for now

For this year's Bohemka I would like to bring again some of my choral arrangements, which will be tailored to our studio. Whether it will be as in 2018 dedicated only to folk songs, or whether some "pop" will be mixed in, I don't know yet. Either way, modern harmonies and seductive dance rhythms should be their common denominator.

Expected parts:
1. Intro
2. Pragmatic about life
3. About the search and ... the search
4. One whimsical
5. Another brooding one
6. In the whirl of the dance

Workshop 5

Singing around the world

Choirmaster: Josep Vila Jover

Michael Engelhardt - Gaudete
Gunnar Erikkson - Gjendines Badnlat
Lluis Ma Millet - La sardana de l’abril
James Erb - Shenandoah
Alberto Grau - Son de la loma

Popular music is the real culture and the soul of every contry around the world. In this workshop we are going to know and  sing some of this nice popular songs. Join us and enjoy it! Lets sing together!