Workshop 1

Choirmaster: Tomáš Židek

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 21 | Alto: 24 | Tenor: 17 | Bass: 17

Workshop 2

Choirmaster: Natalia Chirilenco

Alexandr Kastalskij: Otče náš

Alexandr Kastalskij: Nyne odpuščaeši

Dmitrij Bortňanskij: Jedinorodnyj Syně

Hreiðar Ingi Thorsteinsson: Rauði Riddarinn

Pentatonix: White Winter Hymnal

arr. Moira Smiley: Bring Me Little Water, Silvy

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 20 | Alto: 14 | Tenor: 20 | Bass: 20

Workshop 3

Missa festiva

Choirmaster: Jiří Skopal

John Leavitt - Missa Festiva
Festival Sanctus
Agnus Dei

John Leavitt - Gloria z Petite Mass

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 1 | Tenor: 7 | Bass: 15

Workshop 4


Choirmasters: Kamila Zenklová, Radim Zenkl, Ondra Kozák

In the Pines (American traditional)
Beautiful Life (William M. Golden)
Body and Soul (Virginia Staufer)
This Heart of Mine (Steven F. Brines, Jim Smoak)
Rocky Top (Felice and Boudleaux Bryant)
Thirsty in the Rain (Peter Rowan)

A vocal cross-section of bluegrass history from its beginnings in the mountain music of the Appalachian Mountains, through the influences of English, Irish and Scottish traditional songs, blues, gospel to contemporary styles. The term bluegrass as a musical style is derived from the name of the band Bluegrass Boys, which was founded in 1939 in Kentucky by Bill Monroe, inspired by the name of their state plant, Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis), a bluish prairie grass.
Bill Monroe is considered the father of bluegrass. More than 150 musicians played in his band Bluegrass Boys during its existence, many of whom then continued with their own bluegrass bands. It is remarkable that bluegrass is very popular in the Czech Republic, probably following the tradition of Czech unique 'tramp music' and country music.
Bluegrass will be heard for the first time in the Bohemia Cantat studios. Most of the songs will be accompanied by Radim, Ondra and other guest players on typical bluegrass instruments, such as guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, dobro and bass. A rich variety of songs awaits us, from the traditional bluegrass roots through the heartfelt ballads to the songs at captivating tempos, where we will feel the uplifting energy known as 'bluegrass drive'.


Radim Zenkl & Ondra Kozák
Czech-American Radim Zenkl founded this musical duo with Ondra Kozák as his European concert project. Listeners can look forward to tunes and songs from both players' own works, supplemented by bluegrass, swing, Celtic and 'world music' traditionals in special arrangements. They will perform at the Bohemia Cantat's concert on Friday in the first part of the program.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 21 | Alto: 18 | Tenor: 17 | Bass: 14

Workshop 5

Roots of musicals II.

Choirmaster: Zuzana Kadlčíková

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 16 | Alto: 11 | Tenor: 17 | Bass: 13