Workshop 1

The Voice of the Lord dashes the cedars

Conductor: Čeněk Svoboda

Historia di Jephte - Giacomo Carissimi

Aller Augen warten auf dich, Herre - Heinrich Schütz

Jauchzet dem Herrn - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Rock my soul - Richard Jackson

The oratorio form began to emerge around the year 1600, mainly in Rome. First compositions of this kind lacked the ambitions of the masterpieces of supreme Baroque era and later. The first composer using this form was Giacomo Carissimi (1605-1674). His best known oratorio, Historia di Jepthe, is based on several references within the Old Testament about the Jewish king Jephte and his daughter, unnamed in the Bible. The king unknowingly promised to sacrifice her, if the God grants him a victory over the Ammonites. You can learn how it fell out in this atelier, as we will perform the oratorio (about 20 minutes of beautiful music for solo, choir and basso continuo) on Saturday concert. Its final choir is one of the best composition for the choir in the 17th century. At the Sunday concert we will step out of the old music canon while performing the Mendelssohn's psalm Jauchzet dem Herrn and the mysterious piece Sweep My Soul, it will certainly be worth it.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 10 | Alto: 5 | Tenor: 6 | Bass: 2

Workshop 2

Aven čhajorije!

Conductor: Tereza Staňková

Mamo dado
Oda kalo čirikloro

Love, life and death. All in one and one in all. The testimonies of Romani songs are targeted directly to the heart. Once you meet them, they will stay with you forever. The emotions are absolute and powerful – both for the listeners and for the performers. Songs traditional and modern, in incredibly becoming arrangements: come to meet and fall in love.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto 1: 3 | Alto 2: 4

Workshop 3

The Lion with a White Mane

Conductor: Jan Polívka

Leoš Janáček: Elegy on the death of daughter Olga

Leoš Janáček: Nursery Rhymes

I do not know a composer who can express more with less effort. Janáček just needs one motive and I smell a fire, I see clouds in the sky, stabbing you at heart, heart laughing, soul flying home. Without sentimentality, alive, with a courtly feeling, with sharp eyesight and genius, he distills the music of forests, fields, animals, but mainly humans, into short, powerful chants and sends them into battle like a general. To life, to life!
In Elegy on the death of daughter Olga, Janáček lays out all his love for his daughter. In the Nursery Rhymes, he offers us a masterpiece composition, a musical wit, but above all a fiery heart and wide eyes of a child.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 10 | Alto: 3 | Tenor: 4 | Bass: 5

Workshop 4

Around the world with a song (mostly modern)

Conductor: Lucie Freiberg

William Tell Overture - Gioacchino Rossini / arr. Julie Eschliman

Senzenina - arr. Monde Mdingi, Gerard Wirth

TaReKiTa - Reena Esmail

Angel of the Lord 2 - Prayer, arr. Jakub Kacar

Muie Rendera - Pinto Fonseca

Let's fly through several continents and taste the music of diverse cultures, languages and emotions; traditional one, but mostly in a more modern version.
Singing is the voice of our hearts, so let them sing together with the joy and enthusiasm.
In this atelier we will turn the energy and emotions of individual compositions into delicious tones, but also into movements, so that the result brings lightness and pleasure to the choir and listeners.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 5 | Alto: 1 | Tenor: 4 | Bass: 0

Workshop 5

Choirs in movie soundtracks

Conductor: Marek Müller

John Williams - Star Wars, Duel of the Fates

Howard Shore - Lord of the Rings, In Dreams

John Williams - Harry Potter, Double Trouble

Hans Zimmer / Richard Harvey - The Da Vinci Code, Kyrie For the Magdalene

Guido a Mauricio De Angelis - Jestli se rozzlobíme, budeme zlí, Coro Dei Pompieri

Movie soundtrack is a contemporary phenomenon of music creation. In this atelier we will perform compositions in which the choir is an essential part of the soundtrack of well-known movies such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Available seats in this workshop:
Soprano: 0 | Alto: 4 | Tenor: 3 | Bass: 2